Techtreat Aerated Septic Tank Product Details

Concrete consists of naturally occurring materials, producing no emissions and needs no toxic preservatives

Techtreat CP/SS10

Product Details

A new aerated waste water system.

  • Environmental benefits
  • Tested and approved
  • Made in NZ by qualified technicians
  • Reliable, cost effective
  • Trouble Free operation
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • High quality effluent
  • 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee on components

About the product development

The TechTreat CP2/SS10 waste water treatment system has been developed over a number of years to provide reliable trouble free operation.

David Snowden has designed a reliable cost effective system made in New Zealand by qualified technicians who are involved from manufacture to servicing aftercare.

Wade Concrete, David and Liz Snowden have teamed up together to also offer a concrete option to the existing plastic system. David has worked on most brands of waste water treatment systems and has developed a new system which eliminates the parts that fail most frequently. They have also introduced new innovative technology.

The TechTreat CP2 has no electrical parts inside the sewage chambers: No submersible pumps. No float switches. This enables easy trouble free access to all areas of the system. The control box and pumps are situated in two small boxes at ground level

Original plastic option also available

The plastic tank comprises of strong but lightweight RELN tanks (159Kg), a compact system which can be easily transported on a light truck or trailer.

The system uses jet pumps above ground comprising of copper wound motors with brass impellors giving a longer lifespan than submersible pumps.

The New AP 80 blower used in the system is manufactured by ‘Thomas’ who supply hundreds of air pumps per year for use in sewage Treatment systems. As the TechTreat CP2 works for 2/3 of the time of most other systems this prolongs the lifetime of the blower even further. Installation is made easy with only a 2m deep hole required.

The system requires an annual service as required by your local Council.


Tech Treat Plastic Septic Tank

Plastic tank strong, lightweight, compact, easily transported

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